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These homes are my current listings. Act quickly. They're going to sell fast! I work for the sellers but will be happy to show them to you. 

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These homes are my co-workers current listings. These homes will also sell fast and they're available for me to show you right away.

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These homes are currently available on the MLS. Tons of search options available for you to do a custom search on the Multi List Service (MLS).

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By clicking the image above, you will see a list of homes getting ready to be listed by me. While they're not quite ready for the market, you'll be the first to know when they do.

 Often times my Sellers will allow a preview of their home prior to listing. It's an early bird opportunity for Buyers and a stress reliever for Sellers. A Win Win!  

If you're thinking about selling, consider featuring your home here. There's nothing to lose. I suggest checking your home's value first by following the instructions in the next column. If you like what you see, invite me over to do a thorough market analysis so we can price it properly. Maybe we'll find you an "early bird" Buyer.



By clicking the image above, you will be taken to Real Estate One's site where you can type in your address and receive up to three spot values of you home. The values are generated by automated valuation tools and they include: RPR, Virtual Properties & Zillow. 

You should not rely on these values for a specific home sale or refinance, however.  If you are seriously considering selling your home, you should get a real-time valuation from a licensed Realtor® like me.

Allow me to determine a recommended price for selling your home. I offer a Free Consultation and there's no Obligation. 



By clicking the image above, you will be taken to my Custom Search Page. While there, type in your biggest real estate requirement like price range, zip code, or school district.  Some fields have a drop down list so be sure to click the correct field when doing your search. Very important, check the box that says "Open Houses Only" in the bottom left before clicking "Show Listings". For a complete list of all the Open Houses, click the link below:

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Because I mostly cover Brighton and South Lyon, I made those searches easy for you by clicking either of the links below:

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