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Steps in Selling a Home


Step 1: Consultation / Prepare Home

So you're ready to sell? Congratulations! Let me take a look at your home, make some recommendations and go over a preparation list. By doing so, your best interest becomes my goal... getting you the highest sale price for your home. During this step, we'll talk marketing strategy and fees.

Step 2: Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Now that I have seen your home, I can prepare a Comparative Market Analysis report to determine the value of your home. This is done using Real Estate One's valuation tools. Real Estate One is Michigan's largest Broker and has excellent valuation tools for me to properly value your home. During this step, I will calculate a good faith estimate on what you will "Net" at closing based on the CMA.

Step 3: Pre Market / List

You're happy with your home's value and the marketing strategy we discussed, so let's get this party started. There's lots to do in the next couple of days before we put your home on the market. There's signing of documents, your preparation list, professional photography, etc. While this is all being done, I'm going to pre-market your home. Who knows, maybe we can find a buyer before the official list date and bypass showings. 

Step 4: Showings & Open Houses

Showings and Open Houses.. the dreaded, but necessary step in selling a home. My goal is to get you through this step as quickly as possible. If you read my Bio, you heard me say there is a strategy in selling homes. It starts with listing your home on a Tuesday and an Open House on Sunday. To learn why these days are important and for the rest of my marketing strategy, we'll have to meet in person.

Step 5: Receive Offer / Negotiate

Okay, you got an offer, maybe two or even three. Consider this; how long was your home on the market before you received it? Is it cash or financed offer? When do you need to be out? What other conditions go with the offer? Is your head spinning? Good. I'll scrub the offer(s), present them to you and make it real simple  There's probably an expiration date & time so we'll respond timely but what works best for you is how we'll negotiate. If all parties agree, you sign on the dotted line and it becomes a fully execute Purchase Agreement.

Step 6: Sold

A fully executed Purchase Agreement usually takes 30 days to close.  I will keep you real organized so we don't miss a condition and trip at the finish line.  Get ready for the emotional roller coaster but before you know it, you're handing over your keys in exchange for a check. Congratulations! Your home is SOLD.

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